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Friday, October 8, 2010

Virus and fungus suspected to cause Colony Collapse disorder

A new research paper has been published and the authors of it are asserting that they believe colony collapse disorder may be caused by the combination of a virus and a fungus simultaneously attacking bees in a colony.

In the paper entitled, "Iridovirus and Microsporidian Linked to Honey Bee Colony Decline" (which you can access at: )

which is co-authored by many scientists, these experts state that:

"RNA viruses in North American  honey bees, Varroa destructor-1 virus and Kakugo virus, and an invertebrate iridescent virus (IIV) (Iridoviridae) have been identified as being  associated with CCD colonies."

An RNA Virus, is "Any of many viruses that possess ribonucleic acid as their genetic material and do not replicate using DNA." (source: ). RNA is a biologically important type of molecule that consists of a long chain of molecules  which perform important functions such as:
(a)being sources of chemical energy for the cells in our body,
(b)being involved in cellular signalling, and being
  (c) components in enzyme reactions.
  (source: )

What is an iridescent virus (IIV) (Iridoviridae) you ask?

"Iridescence (also known as goniochromism) is generally known as the property of certain surfaces which appear to change colour as the angle of view changes."
(source: ). Iridoviridae are a family of viruses. An iridescent virus is one which has  particles of 120 – 180 nm in diameter, containing an internal lipid membrane and a double-stranded DNA genome  that belong to the family Iridoviridae.IIV particles are organized into crystalline arrays. Light reflected from such arrays interferes with incident light, resulting in the characteristic iridescent colours that are the most obvious sign of patent infection. Patent disease is lethal in the larval or pupal stages.Little is known about the factors that determine the virulence of these viruses, but it is assumed that covert infections open the way to vertical transmission of the virus from parent to offspring."
(source: )

"The word Iridoviridae is derived from Iris who was the Greek goddess of the rainbow. This is due to the "rainbow like" iridescence observed in heavily infected insects and pelleted samples of invertebrate iridoviruses." (source: )

Apparently these iridescent viruses were found in bee hives which had been striken by  CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) but not in hives which had not been affected by the disorder. Scientists have also indicated that the hives which had been striken by CCD also possessed  NosemaNosema is a genus of parasites, The dormant stage of nosema is a long lived spore which is resistant to temperature extremes and dehydration. (sources: and ). "Nosema apis" can multiply only in living honey bee midgut cells. Research has indicated that "Heavily infected worker honey bees can contain an excess of 50 million spores" in their abdomen!

"Nosema infections have specific negative effects on honey bees. Worker bees that ingest spores when they are less than a week old normally do not produce royal jelly. Their life spans will be reduced up to 78%. Young queens that ingest Nosema spores normally are superseded within a month. In climates where winter prohibits supersedures for many months, colonies often go queenless and dwindle away in early spring. When high percentages of workers are infected and spore counts exceed ten million spores per bee, significant numbers of colonies will die or lose queens during the winter. All levels of infection lead to very slow spring build up, even when forage and temperatures are ideal. Frequently, reduced honey yields follow this poor population build up

(source: ).

Hopefully now that scientists know what caused Colony Collapse disorder they will be able to develop a bee through genetics which will be resistant to this virus and fungus. I wish to applaud all of the scientists who worked on this research and I hope that  existing ways of treating bee colonies so CCD does not infect  them can successfully keep CCD from mutating and infecting healthy bee colonies.

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