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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Muskeg River oilsands mine misses tailings pond board requirements

                     Image:Extraction of Oil sands from Muskeg river mine
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Image: Map which shows location of Muskeg River mine within Alberta

Please read the following news article

"Muskeg River oilsands mine misses tailings pond board requirements"
written by By Dan Healing,  of the Calgary Herald

and then return to this blog entry:

Firstly I would like to tell you that the Muskeg River Oilsands mine is located 75 kilometres (47 mi) north of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.

What is the point in having regulations if these oil-sands operations are permitted to avoid the regulations?? What if in doing so these tailings ponds cause health problems to humans and other life forms in this province?? Once again it seems the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta could care less about Albertans and all life forms in this Province!! Why is this company being given a 10 year grace period before they have to conform to regulations?? The mine is the seventh to have its tailings pond management plan approved — and the fifth to miss Alberta Energy Resources Conservation Board requirements under Directive 74, approved in 2009!!!

Only Suncor Canada’s two oilsands mines have met all of the requirements.
According to an article entitled:"Oil Sands Development: A Health Risk Worth Taking?", which you can read by clicking on the following link:   (in reference to  the tailings ponds which cover
 more than 130 square kilometers in northern Alberta,)

" Oil sands operators maintain interceptor ditches and wells to catch leakage from the tailings ponds, but the Environmental Defence report calculated that 11 million liters of contaminated wastewater nevertheless escapes each day. This rate was based on data from oil companies’ environmental impact assessments; for ponds for which there were no publicly available data, the authors calculated an average seepage rate using industry-reported figures.

"Opponents of oil sands development are concerned about the potential for adverse health effects if the leaking wastewater contaminates drinking water supplies. George Poitras, former chief of the Mikisew Cree First Nation, says chemicals leaking from tailings ponds “affect anybody or anything that relies on water as a source of drinking or a place to live in [including fish, moose, and birds]. The majority of our people rely on the traditional diets, on moose.”

"Ecologist Kevin P. Timoney of Treeline Ecological Research believes the 11 million liters/day estimate is conservative; the actual rate, he says, is probably much greater."

"Glen Van Der Kraak, a professor in the Department of Integrative Biology at the University of Guelph, Ontario, says studies of fish exposed to oil sands wastewater consistently find endocrine disruption and impairments of reproductive physiology."

Why has the  Energy Resources Conservation Board of Alberta issued a go-ahead for this project when the project does not conform to the ERCB's own guidelines??

Premier Stelmach the people of this province want you to answer this question:

Why is this company being given a 10 year grace period before they have to conform to regulations??

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