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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rybka wins the 17th World Computer Chess Championship

The chess program Rybka (or more properly "Deep Rybka") has won the 17th annual World Computer Chess championship was played in Pamplona Spain. The program scored an amazing 8/9 to finish first ahead of nine other programs. Three programs finished with 6.5/9 (Junior ..more properly called "Deep Junior", Deep Sjeng,and Shredder more properly called "Deep Shredder"). What is amazing to me is that the program Hiarcs ("Deep Hiarcs"), finished in sixth with a score of 6/9. Hiarcs is supposed to play most like a human being (which is perhaps why it did not do better in this competition)?

Four out of the top five programs were installed on computers with Intel Xeon W5580 @ 3.2GHz x 8 processor boards. According to my research into this board, it was really designed for dual-processor servers and as a workstation platform. This processor possesses Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology, Hyper-Threading Technology,
Intel EM64T, Intel Virtualization Technology, Enhanced Halt State (C1E) and Execute Disable Bit.

Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology is an advanced means of enabling very high performance while also meeting the power-conservation needs of mobile systems. Conventional Intel SpeedStep Technology switches both voltage and frequency in tandem between high and low levels in response to processor load. Hyper-threading technology allows the cpu to make more efficient use of processor resources—higher processing throughput—and improved performance on the multi-threaded software of today (such as these new chess programs). EM64T technology can only be used by 64-bit operating systems, like the forthcoming Windows 64. 32-bit operating systems, like Windows XP, will continue to run under regular IA32 mode, i.e. using the regular 32-bit addressing space – in order words, can access only up to 4 GB RAM.
In plain English, Windows nowadays cannot take advantage of EM64T technology since it is still a 32-bit operating system.

Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT)¹ combined with software-based virtualization solutions provide maximum system utilization by consolidating multiple environments into a single server or PC. By abstracting the software away from the underlying hardware, a world of new usage models opens up that reduce costs, increase management efficiency, strengthen security, while making your computing infrastructure more resilient in the event of a disaster.

Enhanced Halt State (C1E) is an operating mode of a physical processor with low power consumption, which is activated when both logical processors go to sleep (the HLT or MWAIT instruction) if this technology is enabled in BIOS. So what's the difference between this low power mode and the "usual" Halt State (C1)? In this case a processor can dynamically reduce the motherboard frequency multiplier (FID) and voltage (VID) and restore to maximum performance state (nominal FID/VID) when necessary. This can be done absolutely automatically (without operating system interference)Basically having Enhanced Halt State in processor reduces the power consumed by a processor.It can reduce power consumption of a processor only at full system halt and restore the system to full performance at the least CPU load.

Lastly, Execute Disable Bit (EDB) is an Intel hardware-based security feature that can help reduce system exposure to viruses and malicious code. EDB allows the processor to classify areas in memory where application code can or cannot execute. When a malicious worm attempts to insert code in the buffer, the processor disables code execution, preventing damage and worm propagation.

Have I confused you enough? :) Well know you know as much as I do about the
Intel Xeon W5580 processor which four of the top chess programs used in the 17th World Computer Chess Championship.

Here are the final standings for the 17th World Computer Chess Championship:

Rank Program Final Score
1 Rybka 8.0
2 Junior 6.5
2 Deep Sjeng 6.5
2 Shredder 6.5
5 Hiarcs 6.0
6 Jonny 4.5
7 The Baron 3.0
8 Equinox 2.0
9 Pandix 2009 1.5
10 Joker 0.5
Congratulations to Vasik Rajlich,Jeroen Noomen,Larry Kaufman,Iweta Rajlich,Lukas Cimiotti and all other members of the Rybka chess team, and congratulations to the members of all the other program teams for your hard work, and dedication in trying to duplicate one fascinating quality of the human mind:the ability to play chess.

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Visit GM Alexandra Kosteniuk's Women's Chess Blog:Please click on the image below:
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