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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Once again Alberta looks foolish in the eyes of the world!

Bill under attack for catering to right-wing parents
CALGARY — "A bill that has raised the spectre of Alberta parents hauling teachers before human rights tribunals is an offensive attempt to placate ultra right-wing conservatives, says the man whose legal crusade forced the province to rewrite its human rights legislation.

This weekend, Alberta's teachers slammed proposed new rules that would give parents sweeping rights to pull kids from classes on touchy subjects, and be notified in advance when lessons focus on religion, sexuality or sexual orientation.

The new measures were included as part of Bill 44, which enshrines gay rights in the province 11 years after they were imposed by the Supreme Court of Canada in a case that caused an ugly backlash in Alberta. In an interview yesterday, Alberta Culture and Community Spirit Minister Lindsay Blackett admitted that the provincial caucus wrote the school provisions into the bill as an olive branch to religious groups and conservative voters who might be offended by the province's move to codify gay rights.

"It doesn't hurt to have some balance on what you're bringing forward, so you can get some support from both ends of the political spectrum," he said.

The controversy is stark evidence of how the debate set off by Delwin Vriend continues to stir tension in the province today. In 1991, Mr. Vriend was fired from his science teacher job at Alberta's King's College, a Christian school, for being gay, at a time when sexual orientation was not included as grounds for discrimination in provincial legislation. He sought to change that and, when the Supreme Court ruled in his favour in 1998, it ensured that Alberta gays would receive protection from discrimination.

Yet for Mr. Vriend, who served as the most public face of the battles to modernize Alberta's human rights rules, the school provisions in Bill 44 run counter to much of what he fought for. The province's government had a chance to make a statement with symbolic importance, he said.

"It could have shown that Alberta is part of the modern world, that Alberta isn't the far south of the U.S. Unfortunately when we start to talk about being able to pull kids out of class for various reasons, including talk about gays and lesbians or evolution, that definitely points to a very backwards people," he said from Paris, where he now lives and works as a software engineer."

On Saturday, Alberta's teachers voted their agreement, passing a resolution that stridently opposes Bill 44. Provincial rules already allow students to be exempted from sex education and "religious or patriotic instruction," but educators across the province - a group that includes the Alberta School Boards Association, the Alberta School Councils' Association and the College of Alberta School Superintendents - say the bill would bring a chill over classrooms.

"You couldn't frame it in terms of the teachers' right to freedom of speech, because they can say what they want. It's just that the parents can say, 'Well, our kids aren't going to listen to it'," said Annalise Acorn, who teaches in the University of Alberta's faculty of law. source:

Why should right-wing conservatives be able to have so much power in this province? This is supposed to be a province based upon on democratic principles, not religious ones! If right-wing parents do not want their children to be exposed to the entire public school school curriculum, then these parents are just instilling the basis for intolerance,discrimination and prejudice in their children. If they do not want to have their children in all of the school curriculum, then they should be required to set up their own school system at their own big expense, to teach their children their values,morals,and prejudices!

Like Mr.Vriend states, Alberta is going to be considered a "backward society" if right-wing religious-based people are able to dictate government policy! Not only a backward society, but more importantly an intolerant one, in which self-righteous hypocritical right-wing individuals and groups are allowed to dictate their morals, beliefs and values on the rest of us!

This is what happens when people in this province allow a Conservative Government and a conservative philosophy to prevail way too long here!!

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Alex said...

I agree somewhat that having your parents remove a student from the class room and it's influences, to subject him or her to their own take on things will cause ideas to progress, or at least innovate much less. At the same time, it's worth considering that schools are biased as well, and I can say that from my own standpoint.

It seems a bit intolerant to say right winged people, or religious people carry all the things you've written though. Also, the premise for which people live their lives should not be presented to them (for example, science, which like religion is something people can base their understanding of the world on) but rather they should seek it out.

Schools and churches have a lot in common. It's important to see that, I think.

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