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Friday, May 1, 2009

Nothing is left untouched by evil people in this world

Cyber crooks are capitalizing on influenza fears with torrents of email promising "swine flu" news but delivering malware or dubious offers for potency drugs or useless products.
An alert posted late Thursday at the US Food and Drug Administration also warns that scammers have launched websites hawking bogus products "that claim to prevent, treat, or cure" the H1N1 flu virus.
The FDA said it is "informing offending websites that they must take prompt action to correct and/or remove promotions of these fraudulent products or face immediate enforcement action."
"Zombie" computers infected with a dreaded Conficker virus that became an online scourge this year are among machines being used to spew flu spam crafted to trick email recipients, according to computer security firm Trend Micro.
"The thing making it worse is the misinformation out there about swine flu," Trend Micro threats research manager Jamz Yaneza said Thursday.
"These guys have picked up on all the fears people have. With all the hysteria of swine flu, some people click on these emails."
Subject boxes of spam email feature lines such as "Swine Flu Outbreak!" and "Madonna Catches Swine Flu!" in order to grab people's interest, a tactic referred to by hackers as "social engineering."
The words "swine" and "flu" had essentially not been seen together in spam prior to the third week of April, David Marcus of McAfee said in a blog posting at the computer security firm's website.
The word combination surged in spam on April 27, with half the email apparently coming from sources in Germany, Brazil and the United States, according to Marcus.
McAfee said it has also seen keywords "swine" and "flu" used to direct Internet users to a Russia-based website booby trapped with a computer virus.
"Malware writers, spammers and scammers are low lives," Marcus wrote.
"They will use any high media event or high impact news story to push their wares including the sickness and misery of others. Stay vigilant and stay safe."
Crime groups involved with Conficker, Storm and other computer viruses that take control of people's machines and weave them into "botnet" armies are most likely behind the flu spam, said Trend Micro global director of education David Perry.
"You may have noticed that pirates have been replaced by swine flu as the disaster of the moment on television stations," Perry said. "It was all but inevitable that the bad guys would pick up on this."
Spam email subject lines include one claiming to have a message from Mexican President Felipe Calderon outlining new measures that have been taken against the disease.
Mexico has been hardest hit by the influenza and is where it was first detected.
The flu strain is believed to have killed up to 84 people in Mexico -- 12 of them confirmed -- and has spread to the United States, Europe, Israel and New Zealand.
"Swine virus has become a computer virus that takes advantage of fear, confusion and the interest for information available on the Web regarding the epidemic to spread mischievous codes, junk e-mails and infect computer equipment," said the firm's director for Latin America, Juan Pablo Castro.he Better Business Bureau (BBB) recently reported an increase in the purchase of Internet addresses that include anything with the words "swine flu in the address and is warning consumers to be cautious when searching the words "swine flu" on the internet.

The Better Business Bureau in the USA recently reported an increase in the purchase of Internet addresses that include anything with the words swine flu in them, and scam artists are buying most of these. It is not only through new websites popping up that unsuspecting consumers can get duped, as reputable companies unknowingly can be spammed, which then the unsavory swine flu links can be created on their web pages. This spamming may also create popup adds promoting bogusswine flu prevention in the form of information or kits.

The Better Business Bureau is reporting over 250 new websites with the words swine flu in the address, and is warning consumers to be cautious when searching the swine flu on the Internet. source:

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