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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Michael Ignatieff worry about your own party and your ideas for Canada first before criticizing the Tories!

Terence Cocoran of the "National Post", in his review of Federal Liberal Party Leader Michael Ignatieff's new family memoir, "True Patriot Love", states: "

"The closing chapter of True Patriot Love contains a list of some big picture ideas that Ignatieff says could serve to reignite the old flames of patriotism and national mission. “The Canada of the Grants may be slipping away,” he writes, “but their way of thinking about the country still offers enduring lessons.”. What he delivers, however, is a very tired approach to Canadian nation-building: The megaproject."

Cocoran concludes his review of "True Patriot Love", by stating:

"Strangely, Mr. Ignatieff also seems to see Canada in the same way Stephen Harper has, as an “energy superpower.” At one point, he delivers a very un-Canadian — and un-Grantian — sentence. “If energy is power, then we ought to have plenty of it.” source:

Mr.Ignatieff, why should I vote for your party, when news about scandals within the Liberal Party of Canda are being reported to the Canadian public For example: "Embattled Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla has stepped down from her post as the Liberal Party's youth and multicultural critic due to allegations she mistreated foreign caregivers and paid them under the table."
Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff accepted Ms. Dhalla's resignation from the shadow cabinet post, but she will remain a member of the Liberal caucus.
In a statement issued at 11:18 a.m., Ms. Dhalla said she called Mr. Ignatieff offering to resign “in order to focus my attention on clearing my name.”
“I will work with the appropriate officials to ensure the facts of the matter are clarified and corrected regarding my family's experience with live-in caregivers and will work vigorously to defend my reputation,” she said in the statement.

A day earlier, Mr. Ignatieff avoided speaking to reporters after a Toronto Star report quoted two caregivers saying they were mistreated while they worked at Ms. Dhalla's Mississauga home, taking care of her mother. (source:

Mr. Ignatieff, the people of Canada want to know why you refused to speak to reporters about the mistreatment of these caregivers!

Mr. Ignatieff, why did you allow Warren Kinsella to join your campaign team for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada? Kinsella was a key embarrassing figure in Adscam. The judicial inquiry into the matter, in a chapter titled "Who is responsible?" mentioned Kinsella by name over and over again, calling his conduct "highly inappropriate". In short, Kinsella was a political staffer at the time, and he wrote to a senior member of the public service demanding that government advertising and polling contracts be steered through Chuck Guite Guite was later convicted on five counts of fraud , as the central figure in the scam.

Kinsella had tried to get even more public money steered through Guite; fortunately, the brave public servant who was on the receiving ends of Kinsella's demands didn't give into the bullying.

And Mr. Ignatieff, the people of Canada want to know why you caved in to Danny Williams! Why
did you decide to treat MP's from Newfoundland and Labrador differently? I am referring to what Mr. Ignatieff stated to the public on February 3rd, 2009?

Mr. Ignatieff on February 3rd of this year you stated that you would allow four of your MPs from Newfoundland and Labrador to break party ranks and have a one-time-only protest vote against the budget:Liberal MPs Scott Andrews, Siobhan Coady, Judy Foote and Scott Simms have argued that they could not support the budget because it singles out their province and robs it of an estimated $1.6-billion in federal transfer payments.“I decided to permit them in the budget vote tonight a one-time vote of protest to signal their displeasure and my displeasure at these unilateral actions which, in my view, weaken our federation, cause strains in our federation at a time when Canadians should be pulling together.”

As stated at the National Post:

"By not punishing these MPs, Michael Ignatieff has created two classes of MPs. He admits as much:
Ignatieff defended his decision when asked by reporters why he won’t allow Quebec MPs to vote against the budget. The province has also expressed frustration over changes to the equalization payments.The Liberal leader said the situation is different because Quebec was informed last year about the changes and that those changes affect the whole federation. Ignatieff said the cuts announced in the budget single out Newfoundland and Labrador. (source:

Mr. Ignatieff if you are so against the Federal Conservative Government and its policies why did you chose to allow the Conservatives to continue to lead the country, and impose their economic polices on Canadians, instead of allowing a non-confidence motion to bring down the ruling Federal conservative party ? Why did you support the Tory budget? Why do take such a cynical approach to assess Canada's economy-and ignore indicators which reflect in a positive fashion upon our country? It seems Mr. Ignatieff all you are interested in is criticizing the ruling Conservative Government, without presenting any good justification for doing so, and without presenting any new ideas to stimulate continued economic growth in Canada!

As stated by the Editor of the National Post at the website:


"Mr. Ignatieff’s propaganda is wearisome. Indeed, to the extent it spuriously drives down consumer confidence and the business climate, it is dangerous.

In addition Mr. Ignatieff, why have you chosen to spend most of your adult life in Britain and the U.S. rather than in Canada? Why all of a sudden have you decided to come back to Canada, when all of these years you have avoided our problems and situations?

Lastly, Mr. Ignatieff, how can the people of Canada expect your party to lead Canada into the future when your party, as reported by Don Martin of the National Post" " is so broke with millions in debt, one report says it cannot afford to hire a full-time chief of staff for its new leader," an allegation one party spokesperson has denied. (source:

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